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About Azabu University Veterinary Teaching Hospital

We provide conscientious, high-quality and advanced veterinary medical services to help precious lives.

Azabu University Veterinary Teaching Hospital is a polyclinic hospital striving to provide state-of-the-art veterinary medical services and contribute to education/scientific research in clinical veterinary medicine.
All of our medical staff members aim to provide conscientious veterinary medical services and provide the best treatment and care for your cherished animals.In addition,we also pursue our focus on post-graduate education and research activities as a teaching hospital for further development of veterinary medical care.

Director's Message

Director of the hospital Ryo Tsuchiya,D.V.M.,Ph.D.

The social needs for high-quality medical treatment of companion animals has been increasing steadily over the last few years. Our missions are to provide curative treatment for animal diseases, offer clinical training, and to contribute to development of high-quality medical care.
The Azabu University Veterinary Teaching Hospital provides veterinary care for about 20,000 companion animals annually, but for the clients, each life is unique and irreplaceable. Therefore, we try to provide compassionate care and contribute to clinical education and/or continuing postgraduate education for the veterinarians.
The Veterinary Teaching Hospital has a section of large animal clinics as well. The purpose of this section is clinical education for the veterinary students. About 2,000 dairy or beef cattle and horses are hospitalized in the Azabu University Large Animal Veterinary Education Center annually and are used for the clinical practices of under graduate students.

Privacy Policy

With enforcement of the law regarding personal information protection, we have been trying to protect personal and medical information of the clients as carefully as possible. Only information relevant to research at our educational research institute affiliated with the University will be used. Your understanding and cooperation in this respect will be highly appreciated.

Business Hours
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Tuesday to Friday:
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Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays, and other designated days


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